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Outdoor/Landscape lighting solutions for homes and businesses.

Residential Outdoor Lighting

Illuminate your property with custom outdoor lighting, designed for your home.


Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Light up your business to provide beauty, safety, and security.

Outdoor Lighting Services

We are your architectural and landscape lighting experts for residential and commercial properties in the Treasure Coast, FL and Palm Beach County areas. Serving all of Stuart, Port Saint Lucie, Fort Pierce, Jupiter, Palm Beach, West Palm, Palm Beach Gardens, and surrounding areas.

Landscape lighting can improve the functionality of your property. Additionally, it provides that wow factor it’s been missing. YARDLITES is your go-to outdoor lighting expert. For landscape lighting services, turn to us! Our professional landscape lighting creates visual appeal for homes and business owners.

High Quality, Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Our low voltage landscape lighting offers a pleasant alternative to glaring floodlights. Landscape lights can be strategically positioned to accent features and plants that you really want to highlight. They may also be used for safety to illuminate steps, dark zones, and paths. When artfully installed, landscape lights can be as natural and beautiful looking as the landscape itself. Also, low-voltage lighting is the eco friendly choice for outdoor lighting.


Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting



Landscape lighting is an amazing way to enhance your property with exterior lights. From spotlights and floodlights to in-ground lighting, your landscape lighting options are endless.
For this reason, we’re happy to provide complimentary design consultations. During the consultation, we’ll walk your property with you and help design the perfect landscape lighting setup for your home or business.

• Enhance the safety around your property

• Create an exciting and welcoming landscape for you and your guests / customers

• Improve your property’s value and curb appeal

Are you tired of walking across your unlit property to get the mail at night? Or would you like to be able to spend more time outside during the evening? Do you need to provide more safety on your business walkways at night? Security for your patrons? New landscape lighting can illumine your property like never before.



We offer durable fixtures and a superior customer experience. Locally owned and operated business. With us, you get to work with local lighting designers who truly care.


Outdoor lighting requires more than someone who can toss string lights in a few bushes and flip a switch. Our stunning exterior lighting services offer visual interest, as well as innovative design. We listen to what you want and execute that vision.

The comprehensive exterior lighting services we offer include:
• Deck and patio lighting
• Pool lighting
• Garden lighting
• Pathway lighting
• Security lighting
• Landscape lighting repair

Both home and business owners will receive a variety of robust lighting options. We also offer services that go beyond the list above.  Landscape lighting service that considers your schedule and budget. Our outdoor lighting professionals consider it all!

Whether you need custom landscape lighting installation for beauty purposes, or to bring functionality and safety to your property, let us help. We can accommodate anything! 

Here are some other exclusive benefits you receive when working with the lighting experts at Yardlites:

  • Top-notch landscape lighting services

  • Nighttime demonstrations

  • Industry-leading warranties to protect our work and fixtures

  • Maintenance plans that help keep your outdoor lighting working for years to come

Deck Lighting / Patio Lighting

Your outdoor living space should be as comfortable and functional as the inside of your home. That’s where deck and patio lighting can help. If your deck or patio lacks the proper lighting to entertain and needs to be upgraded, turn to our team. Whether you’re searching for walkway lighting, outdoor string lighting, or something else, we offer energy-efficient solutions to fit all tastes and budgets. Our deck lighting “wows” customers repeatedly due to the wide variety of products and expert services we provide. You’ll enjoy our attentive and friendly lighting experts, competitive pricing, and professional services.


From enhancing your security for peace of mind or simply creating a place to relax with friends and family on the weekend, we take the time to learn about your home and landscaping needs to design a comprehensive solution you’ll be sure to love for years to come.

Regardless of what you may be thinking about adding to your deck and patio, you’ll be able to take advantage of our automation methods, night-time demo displays, and accessible pricing estimates.

Types of lighting available for decks and patios includes:

  • Landscape lighting

  • Spotlights

  • Under-railing lighting

  • Stair lighting

  • Walkway lighting

Contact the expert outdoor lighting team at YARDLITES for more information and a complimentary consultation and quote on your deck lighting and patio lighting. We customize each design to meet your needs – no job too small or too large. Let us make your outdoor lighting experience a great one.

Underwater / Dock Lighting

When returning home after a fishing or boating trip after dark, you want to be sure that you have high visibility. Dock lighting is beneficial for this purpose; it will improve safety and security on your dock as well as help guide you when docking.

As a bonus, dock lighting helps to create an amazing and breathtaking location for entertaining guests. At YardLites, we provide underwater and dock lighting services to suit the unique needs of your property.

Our underwater dock lighting services will create a beautiful lighting display right in your own backyard. We design and properly set up underwater dock lighting that will attract all kinds and size of marine life to your dock, entertaining your whole family, friends, and guests.


Our Experts at YardLites have been performing underwater and dock lighting replacements and repairs for decades. Rest assured, we will supply all the necessary equipment and parts for your dock and underwater lighting project. We have the expertise and experience to get any outdoor lighting job done on site. With us, you will never have to worry about replacements or repairs. We will help you to choose the best underwater dock lighting and ensure that your project is completed in a timely manner.

Make Your Dock Stand Out
If you want your dock to stand out at night, YardLites can help. We will recommend high-quality dock lighting that will make your dock the most attractive in the harbor. We use durable, waterproof lights that will illuminate and brighten the water, ensuring a safe passage to your boat and preventing accidents. At YardLites, we only use top quality, environmentally friendly and UL approved components that will provide many years of trouble-free enjoyment.
Customized Lighting
At YardLites, we offer our clients customized lighting brightness and specifications suitable for their area. We will work with you to ensure that you have the right lighting installed in your deck. Our team of fully certified and trained technicians have been working with outdoor lighting systems for many years. Therefore, you can sit back, relax and enjoy amazing underwater deck lights that will beautifully illuminate your waterways and attract amazing marine life.

Commercial Landscape Lighting



Our comprehensive commercial outdoor lighting services…

• Keep commercial property owners and staff safe at night

• Give patrons peace of mind as they travel from the parking lot to the building and back to their car

• Help deter criminal activity outside of commercial buildings and the surrounding areas

• Incorporate modern lighting with your establishment’s aesthetic to give you an up-to-date look


Let us help you with your commercial lighting needs. Our commercial pros will walk you through the entire process.

Every one of our designs and plans is different because every commercial space has different lighting requirements. We take the time to listen to your needs and suggest lighting fixtures and products that would work best. Our team has the knowledge and experience to create an effective, efficient, and stylish system tailored to each property.

When the lighting at your commercial property isn’t working as efficiently as it used to, it may be necessary to call a certified expert. We offer professional outdoor lighting repairs with the following benefits:

• Extend the lifespan and function of your lighting

• Attract more customers to your commercial space with adequate illumination

• Create the perfect ambiance for events and formal business gatherings

• Avoid potential accidents and costly damage from DIY commercial lighting installation or repairs

• YL utilizes low-voltage lights due to their longevity and energy efficiency which ensures great quality illumination for years.

• YL takes a tailored approach, working together with the property owners to create custom designs that address specific objectives
and best fit the needs of your commercial property.

• YL makes sure that everything looks perfect after installation by offering a drive-by-at-night to check on the lighting and make any adjustments if needed.

• YL offers warranties on all of our outdoor lights which include ongoing maintenance.

Outdoor Lighting Repair & Maintenance Services

At YardLites, we offer an annual maintenance program for your outdoor lighting which includes an annual quality check and also covers parts & labor for the following:

• Transformer(s)
• Brass and/or copper fixtures
• Brass, heavy-duty glass covers
• Low-voltage wire
• LED bulbs

Let us help keep your outdoor lighting in top shape with regular maintenance through our A.M.P. program!


• Fixture Realignment if necessary

• Full System Voltage Check.

• Lubricate or replace gaskets as necessary.

• Clean all fixture housings & Lens*
   * (in some cases, due to water acidity levels lenses may not be brought back to a fully clear status. Lens replacement may be necessary in these cases. If new lenses are desired by the client, labor will not be charged for the replacement, only product cost will be added.)

• Changing of all back-up batteries in transformer timers.

• Lubricate all moving mechanisms on fixtures.

DISCLAIMER: This warranty is exclusively applicable to the legal property owner and is not transferable. ● YardLites guarantees all newly installed lighting systems against defects for a period of 5 years from the installation date. Any changes or repairs made by parties other than YardLites Lighting will render the system warranty null and void. ● The warranty terms of individual manufacturers apply to all fixtures, equipment, and components installed. Please refer to the manufacturer’s literature or website for warranty information. ●YardLites Inc is not liable for any damages caused by vandalism, abuse (including actions by yard maintenance crews, pets, or children), or acts of God. The repair or replacement of warranty items is at the discretion of the lighting manufacturer and/or YardLites Inc. ● This agreement represents the entire understanding between the property owner and contractor, and it is explicitly agreed that no other representations, promises, conditions, warranties, or understandings, whether expressed or implied, shall be binding on either party. Furthermore, none of the provisions of this agreement shall be waived, altered, or amended except through a written and signed change order. ● The client acknowledges that Yardlites Inc may capture photographs of the owner’s lighting project for use in public displays, videos, printed materials, and/or other advertising media deemed appropriate by YardLites Inc. Additionally, YardLites Inc may submit these photos for industry-related awards. The client understands that these photos will become the property of the organizations hosting and providing those awards. All client information will be treated as confidential.