Security Lighting


Home and Business Security Lighting

At YatdLites, we offer security lighting services for homes and businesses. A home is a sanctuary that every individual relies upon for enhanced safety. Along those same lines, every client and employee will feel safe and secure in well-lit commercial areas. Our security lighting can provide an important deterrent to criminals by reducing the chances of your property being invaded.


First line of defense against criminals

When you illuminate the perimeter, light areas around the windows and doors, and eliminate any dark areas in your property, potential invaders can easily be seen. Criminals understand that homes or businesses that are poorly lit are an easy target. With the use of security lighting from YatdLitesin surrounding areas, you can protect your home and business from invasion.


Boost safety and security

At YatdLites, we offer solutions that guarantee increased security and safety at your property. With our exterior security lighting, you and your family or employees will feel much safer when the exterior of your home or business is adequately illuminated when it’s dark. Novel LED low-voltage technology helps to ensure that your energy bills are reasonable while still offering the same brightness as the traditional lights. Licensed and certified professionals at YatdLiteswill work to design and install exterior security and safety lighting plans that satisfy your needs.



Today, the lighting industry has transformed tremendously owing to advanced technology. You can conveniently turn on or off all the outdoor lights in your home or business with the touch of a button. This can come in handy, especially when you happen to hear any unusual noises outdoors. With controlled timing, you can always turn your indoor and outdoor lights on and off at the normal times whenever you travel.


Safety lighting

A poorly lit driveway, step, or path can be an accident in waiting. Accidents that occur on your commercial or business property can result in expensive lawsuits if you are found responsible. A path that is adequately lit allows your guests to see any potential hazards and avoid any accidents. Your family and guests can move around your home more safely when you place sufficient lighting fixtures on steps, driveways, walkways or other areas. You can reduce or prevent the occurrence of accidents with adequate and bright security lighting.
At YatdLites, we can help you improve the security and safety of your property with our comprehensive security lighting solutions. We will ensure that your home or business is fitted with carefully designed and durable security systems and lighting. Our reliable security lighting will surely enhance the safety and security of your home or commercial space.