Lanai Lighting


Transform Your Lanai with Lighting Fixtures

A “lanai” is a Hawaiian word that means outdoor balcony or patio that is constructed out from the side or back of the home to extend the living area and offer a comfortable and attractive place that you can spend time relaxing or gather with family and friends. In areas where mosquitoes are quite active all year-round like Florida, Lanais are usually surrounded by a large screen enclosure to help keep unwanted debris and bugs away. A pool and lanai combination are quite popular and offers the perfect blend between swimming and lounging. Since the area is covered with a screen structure, you can enjoy your space in complete comfort.


Illuminate Your Lenai

When the sun goes down, you will need the right kind of outdoor lighting to help illuminate your lanai and pool. This will help to enhance the appearance of the pool area to ensure that it remains accessible and fully functional long after nightfall. At YatdLites, we can tailor your lanai lighting to suit your needs.


Soft and Subtle Lighting

At YatdLites, we understand that you want to set up an atmosphere in your lanai after sunset. Therefore, the last thing that you want is bright, harsh lighting that will make you or your guests feel as though they are under a spotlight. We will select the right outdoor lighting to ensure that you achieve soft and subtle illumination that offers the gentle light that you require to fully enjoy your outdoor space at night. We have an array of captivating lights that can be installed on every vertical bar around your screen structure giving you a perfectly spaced lantern effect.


Professional Installation

At YatdLites, we know that installation is just as crucial as the lighting products. Our professional and experienced crew will always pay great attention to detail throughout the installation process to ensure the project is accomplished correctly and devoid of any frustration of service callbacks. You can be assured that no visible wires will be seen resulting in a professional and clean looking installation.
At YatdLites, our team of professionals will help you choose outdoor lighting products and install everything with professionalism and precision to ensure that it all works together flawlessly. Our lighting will brighten up the lanai or pool enclosure and give it a perfect new look transforming it into a relaxing and colorful getaway.